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Radio Controlled Marine Railway Winch Motor Controller.

This product is intended for boaters who have their boat stored on a dolly which rides on rails and transports the boat to and from the water. An electrically reversable motor is normally used to power the winch which operates the dolly. This controller provides a method of controlling the operation of this motor from a remote location. Using this controller will allow a single person to opearte the winch and properly position the boat on the dolly  when bringing the boat in. During launching it will allow the operator  to remove the boat from the dolly and secure it to the dock before it floats away.   Both wired and radio control inputs are provided. The radio control receiver is an option and is not required to use the controller with the manual control inputs. The safety features and rugged design of this unit are the result of over 30 years of experience in building similar units.

The unit operates to control the motor in much the same way as mechanical motor swiches. The motor can be energized in either the in or the out direction by pushing either the manual control buttons or by operating a hand held radio remote control.

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